Saturday, November 29, 2014

Euphorbia tithymaloides ssp. smallii 'Variegatus'

Scientific Name: Euphorbia tithymaloides ssp. samllii 'Variegatus'
Common Name: Variegated Zig-zag Plant or Variegated Devil's Backbone
Family Name: Euphoribaceae
Origin: Tropical North America and Central America


Water: Low 
Light: Full Sun
Soil: Well drained


Form: Upright (1.5m High)
Plant Uses: Hedge, border, mass planting, specimen, accent, pot
Special Features: NA

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More information on how to grow the plant, click here


  1. Thank you!!!
    I found this plant left for dead on the side walk in my neighborhood.
    I couldn't believe that it was being thrown out.
    So I put it on the back of my truck and took it home.
    However, I wasn't sure what it was and how to care for it.
    I've been searching on line for over a month and finally found a picture of it and went to this website.
    I'm so excited!
    Thanks again!��

    1. Yay! You have found a beauty!! Love it when the plant is grown either mounding to form a sphere or as a low hedge. The plant looks good in a container too. I am happy for you and happy gardening :D


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